Revolutionizing plant growth

Our mission is to revolutionize the way we grow plants by controlling the culture conditions at every step of the growth cycle with cutting-edge technology. Through artificial intelligence precision farming, we have developed a repeatable, traceable process that allows us to ensure the consistency of our products and their quality. As a result, we can optimize the specific growing conditions and yields of each plant.

Data-assisted plant production

Our expertise - Controlled plant growth

01. Controlled plant growth

All plants are cultivated within independent grow rooms, operated by automated processes that require minimal to no human intervention. These processes are interconnected through a centralized master management system, facilitating real-time decision-making based on the specific needs of each plant.
Analyzing leafs

02. Research and development

We endeavour to research the genome sequencing of plant strains that show increased compound output and resistance to known pathogens.
Our expertise - In vitro strains

03. In vitro strains

Our germplasm bank ensures that all the plants in our facilities come from tissue culture, guaranteeing pharmaceutical-grade quality, consistency and traceability.
Our expertise - Artifical intelligence

04. Artificial Intelligence

We have developed an autonomous growing system that leverages historical performance data to establish optimal growth conditions. It employs advanced technologies such as AI-controlled environments and hyperspectral imaging to enable detailed real-time data collection, selection, and harvesting of the appropriate cultivar, ultimately maximizing production efficiency and yield of specific compounds.
pharmaflo long term development

05. Long-term development and data collection

We conduct rigorous data collection to establish correlations between environmental factors, pathogen responses, and compound outputs, utilizing large sample sizes and controlled microclimates to enable precise and statistically significant associations to be drawn.

Technologies at the core of our processes

Where sustainability and innovation meet

We are proud to have built an innovative facility that respects international pharmaceutical standards and prevents contamination at all levels. Every aspect has been designed in order to control and reduce human interaction and increase precise automation. In situations where human interaction is required, the cooling, air exchange, as well as negative and positive air pressure systems are all set in place to prevent contamination. These processes increase productivity by avoiding any interruption to the production cycle.

Our commitment

PharmaFlo is committed to producing superior, dependable plant-based pharmaceutical products. To achieve this goal, we have established a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory that includes in-vitro plant storage to facilitate genome modification and preservation of modified strains.

Our business strategy is grounded in sustainability

Our innovative design, along with our lighting, alternative recycling systems, and low environmental impact, have earned us certification by the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC).

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services, adhering to the rigorous standards set by leading certification bodies such as GMP, GPP, and GACP to ensure consistent and dependable output. Our facility will be among the first of its kind in North America to achieve GMP certification, which represents the highest standard of quality control in cannabis production.
pharmaflo production
PharmaFlo is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and services. We adhere to the standards set by leading certification bodies such as GMP, GAP, and GACP to ensure consistent and reliable outputs. Our facility was one of the first of its kind in North America to have earned the EU GMP certification, which represents the ultimate standard of quality control in cannabis production.